58 Stoye 1 SML

I seem to be very lucky, as i was able to fine a rather good Stoye 1 sidecar, that was rust free and came with a free paint job (in a garage so not the best quality but rather good). When i get some time i will have to take it to a metalworker to get all the dents out of the aluminium and repaint it but for now it’s perfect!

Most of the stripes are done by me, so …they are a bit crooked but they are HAND MADE! 😀



IMG_0834 IMG_0835

IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0838 IMG_0839


IMG_0842 IMG_0843

IMG_0844 IMG_0845 IMG_0846

As for the old sidecar, i will probably donate it or give it as a package with the second MZ BK350 that i have to whoever wants to start a BK restoration project in the future.

Little things that take time

One of the parts i forgot to remove from one of the frames and paint was the upper sidecar connection mount. And it seems it has a mind of it’s own as it took me about an hour, half of AB-80 spray, a flame torch and a BIG hammer to take it out.

IMG_0602 IMG_0601

Another 30 minutes of cleaning the rust and waiting for the primer to dry and i had this:


Working on this reminded me of the missing rear sidecar mounting piece. I need to fabricate that one tomorrow, as i have two from an IJ56 probably, that need a little grinding and a new screw thread.


Are we there yet?

Tool box aligned up nicely, also did the front fork. Slight problems with the front fender, that basterd is difficult to insert in the fork without any scratches on it.
Unfortunately old problem with the front fork is back in action. The complete assembly is week, i can move the steering bar a couple of degrees while holding the front wheel in place. I don’t know why this happens but i think it’s related to how tight everything is. I will retighten everything as soon as i get the chance.

IMG_5998 IMG_5994

IMG_5997 IMG_5992

And a last moment photo with the tank and driver sit, just to see how it looks.

It looks good =))

I have to buy new tires, the ugly ones i have on right now are made in Ucraine and i think are for Dneper. They are very hard and too wide and will definitely  touch the supports of the fenders if i compress the springs too much.

I have to go out of town for a couple of days so i have to sort the rest of the issues next week

A new hope :)

Finally i got the parts back from the paint shop. Not a very brilliant paint job, all sorts of impurities in the lacquer. Will try to do a polish/wax in a couple of weeks and see if that solves it, and if not, repaint. Despite that i’ll go ahead and reassemble the motorcycle, might not be the best paint job ever, however the painter did a good job on the stripes and it looks great if you don’t notice (like i do) all the imperfections.

IMG_5960 IMG_5963

I managed to get the engine inside the frame without a lot of scratches, however i did remember i still have to build the driver pegs, the frame that supports the choke flap and buy or restore the passenger pegs.

IMG_5967 IMG_5966

I might of put a little bit too much grease on the back springs.

IMG_5970 IMG_5968

The rear suspension looks ok, and i managed to install it without scratching any of the chrome or paint!

IMG_5974 IMG_5973

Rear fender dose not align ok on the wheel. It’s from the fender support for the back part. I will have to take it out and bend it a little before i put the back sit on.


Take it apart

Ok, no more -15C outside so time to work on my MZ. I made a last check and packed everything in boxes. Sidecar frame seems to be Stoye 1 (SM?) so i just need a wheel and a body when i decide to invest some more money in it. For now i’ll use my Stoye 2 replica.

IMG_0552 IMG_0551

*later edit: i found a stoye sm wheel for the sidecar, it’s waiting in the garage for a new tire.