Zundapp K500 – The beginning

During the “2 Roti Istorice” – 15.09.2012, an Retromobil event dedicated to old motorcycles, i noticed something very interesting.



This old guy was an unrestored, almost complete (so it seamed at the time) Zundapp K500, from 1948. It had a complete frame, gass tank and cover, the engine, the gearbox, the fork, and the front light. Next to it was the carcass of a Stoye sidecar, unknown modell, cut in half and welded to a custom back end.

A couple of weeks later i think i found out the owner had another engine and a modified frame and everything was for sale, so… I bought them!

Due to a rather busy schedule i neglected to write anything about this project, until i almost finished it.


So… i found an opportunity to buy a Gnome-Rhone and i did not. I did however buy a Zundapp K500. It has plenty of modifications to the frame but it’s a solid base to start a restoration project. I look forward to working on it this summer.

Looks like i don’t have any photos on my phone, i will take some tomorrow in the garage.

update: Inventory: http://tudorg.com/?p=710