Sun Plaza Expo 2014

Yesterday night two of my motorcycles (Zundapp K500 and MZ BK 350) got home form an expo in a local mall here in Bucharest. They have been on display for about three weeks next to some other interesting motorcycles.


IMG_1886_resize-1024x682 IMG_1887_resize-1024x682 IMG_1888_resize-1024x682 IMG_1889_resize-1024x682 IMG_1891_resize-1024x682 IMG_1893_resize-1024x682 IMG_1895_resize-1024x682 IMG_1897_resize-1024x682 IMG_1898_resize-1024x682 IMG_1899_resize-1024x682 IMG_1900_resize-1024x682 IMG_1903_resize-1024x682 IMG_1904_resize-1024x682 IMG_1905_resize-1024x682 IMG_1911_resize-1024x682 IMG_1913_resize-1024x682 IMG_1914_resize-1024x682 IMG_1918_resize-1024x682 IMG_1921_resize-1024x682 IMG_1923_resize-1024x682 IMG_1924_resize-1024x682 IMG_1926_resize-1024x682 IMG_1930_resize-1024x682 IMG_1932_resize-1024x682 IMG_1933_resize-1024x682 IMG_1934_resize-1024x682 IMG_1935_resize-1024x682 IMG_1936_resize-1024x682 IMG_1941_resize-1024x682 IMG_1972_resize-1024x682 IMG_1973_resize-1024x682 IMG_1975_resize-682x1024 IMG_1978_resize-1024x682 IMG_1882_resize-1024x682 IMG_1885_resize-1024x682


The images are taken from here:[pp_53786864ae9ee]/6/ Copyright belongs to them!


This weekend i managed to make a light trip (about 600km) with the motorcycle. Unfortunately i didn’t find the time to finish everything before i  left so i only had problems with the sparks, carbs and clutch, but overall i managed to get back home so it had a good ending. This is why i did not want to start with the Zundapp until i finish this one, working one two projects consumes a lot of time.

I lost my camera card so this are a couple of photos i stole from / :))

cifa_iarba cifa_iarba2


Looking forward for the next trip i make with the bike, this time AFTER i finish it if possible.

No time!

I was unable to make a lot of free time lately but i still managed to install a new glass in the headlight, seal the exhaust a little better so it will not leak and push out smoke from all of the joints, add a light protector to the headlight, put the new tyres on (Made in England, but they look nice) and assemble and align the sidecar.

There is still a lot of work on the sidecar, i have to install the power cables, lights ( don’t have them yet), passenger support bar, windscreen (also missing) and the Stoye logos that just arrived at the post office.

IMG_0889 IMG_0890


*New seat is also installed, i have to take some better photos next time.

58 Stoye 1 SML

I seem to be very lucky, as i was able to fine a rather good Stoye 1 sidecar, that was rust free and came with a free paint job (in a garage so not the best quality but rather good). When i get some time i will have to take it to a metalworker to get all the dents out of the aluminium and repaint it but for now it’s perfect!

Most of the stripes are done by me, so …they are a bit crooked but they are HAND MADE! 😀



IMG_0834 IMG_0835

IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0838 IMG_0839


IMG_0842 IMG_0843

IMG_0844 IMG_0845 IMG_0846

As for the old sidecar, i will probably donate it or give it as a package with the second MZ BK350 that i have to whoever wants to start a BK restoration project in the future.

Sidecar alignment

First time i had so much trouble aligning a sidecar, but it’s finally done. Unfortunately the replica stoye 2 i have is a bit smaller than the original so i will replace it with an original sidecar as soon as i find one.

IMG_0701 IMG_0702

IMG_0720 IMG_0721

I found an old fuel tank cock that works a lot better than my replica one. Old gaskets and everything, dose not leak at all. New german products are not what they used to be…