No time!

I was unable to make a lot of free time lately but i still managed to install a new glass in the headlight, seal the exhaust a little better so it will not leak and push out smoke from all of the joints, add a light protector to the headlight, put the new tyres on (Made in England, but they look nice) and assemble and align the sidecar.

There is still a lot of work on the sidecar, i have to install the power cables, lights ( don’t have them yet), passenger support bar, windscreen (also missing) and the Stoye logos that just arrived at the post office.

IMG_0889 IMG_0890


*New seat is also installed, i have to take some better photos next time.

The gas tank.

Time to install the gas tank. I didn’t remember where to place the MZ emblem so i temporary placed it where it “looked” ok. Also installed the knee protectors. Everything went smooth, no real problems here. Getting the cables under the gas tank was a little more tricky, considering the cables are a little two short. I had to extend them a little so they would fit ok inside the headlight, so at least a coule of hours were spent to fix cutting the two short 😀

IMG_0624 IMG_0626

IMG_0627 IMG_0628

IMG_0630 IMG_0623

Headlight in 30 minutes.

Just got back in town and i found an hour to tingle with the motorcycle. I managed to mount the headlight, align the glass nicely and sealed it in place, added LED lights for the “charging” and “neutral” lights so the little plastic covers no longer heet up and crack, modified the back of the speed indicator so i can fit a light inside (the modell i found was not identical on the back side to the original) and sealed it on the headlight. All i have left to do is insert the rubber seal for the speedometer cable and i’m done with this.

– insert headlight photo –

I also managed to mount the light switch to the clutch lever. Mine used to mount to the handle bar however the clutch lever was not for this modell so a little improvisation had to be made. Now it looks almost like the original modell, so i don’t know if to keep this or look for the original ones.

– insert light switch photo –