Little things that take time

One of the parts i forgot to remove from one of the frames and paint was the upper sidecar connection mount. And it seems it has a mind of it’s own as it took me about an hour, half of AB-80 spray, a flame torch and a BIG hammer to take it out.

IMG_0602 IMG_0601

Another 30 minutes of cleaning the rust and waiting for the primer to dry and i had this:


Working on this reminded me of the missing rear sidecar mounting piece. I need to fabricate that one tomorrow, as i have two from an IJ56 probably, that need a little grinding and a new screw thread.


Fork and front lights done.

Finished the front fork today. Not my best work, as you can still hear some unhealthy metal sounds from it, and will need at least new bushes if not one of this sets full of goodies:



Overall it performs ok, i need to test it more when i get the engine running, however except for the strange noise made by the home made bushes everything seems ok. I don’t have any strange movements anymore and everything is stable.

I fixed the back fender support so it now aligns ok on the wheel. I will have to repaint this tomorrow as i fucked up the paint but i least everything falls nicely into place.



And the last thing i managed to do before the cold got to me was finish the headlight. I had to make a locking support from inside the headlight from aluminium foil, i run out of zink foil. I will have to see if the aluminium resists the vibrations from the road.

IMG_0596 IMG_0598



One + One

Free time was scarce however at least i managed to find some of the obvious missing parts without opening the engine or gearbox at second hand parts stores in Germany. Also managed to find another incomplete motorcycle in Romania, that had no documents, so it was good for spare parts at the moment.

I found some more cylinder heads in better condition, another gearbox, more cylinders, a front fork, more fenders, another frame, another engine block, another tank in a even worst condition, and some more small parts.

IMG_0332 IMG_0339

IMG_0338 IMG_0336

IMG_0334 IMG_0333

Overall i was almost satisfied with the parts i had, so all i needed was time to start a pre-assembly. I was still missing everything electric (had some parts that did not seem to be from a BK), a sidecar, fork stabiliser, good seats, some springs, and the other parts i still did not know about from inside the engine/gearbox/transm.

My garage had no storage shelves at the moment so it started to be a little chaotic in there with two BKs and my Yamaha cruiser.