Zundapp K500 – Identify the parts.


The “package” contained, 2 frames, one with heavy modifications, two engines, two gear boxes, one final drive, a gas tank with cover, some controls, a headlight, a couple of wheels, one carburettor, two fenders (and a couple more from different motorcycle brands), one front frok, a couple of seats and a lot of rust.

Unfortunately i would later find out most of the parts needed major restoration, and a lot of them replacement.

20121120-IMG_0493 20121120-IMG_0494 20121120-IMG_0495 20130403-IMG_0722 20130403-IMG_0723 20130403-IMG_0724 20130403-IMG_0725 20130403-IMG_0726 20130403-IMG_0727 20130403-IMG_0729 20130403-IMG_0730 20130403-IMG_0731 20130403-IMG_0732 20130403-IMG_0733 20130403-IMG_0735 20130403-IMG_0736 20130403-IMG_0739 20130403-IMG_0744 20130403-IMG_0745 20130403-IMG_0746 20130403-IMG_0747 20130403-IMG_0749 20130403-IMG_0750 20130403-IMG_0751 20130403-IMG_0753 20130403-IMG_0754 20130403-IMG_0755 20130403-IMG_0756 20130403-IMG_0757 20130403-IMG_0758 20130403-IMG_0759 20130404-IMG_0760 20130404-IMG_0761 20130404-IMG_0763 20130404-IMG_0764 20130404-IMG_0766 20130404-IMG_0767 20130404-IMG_0771 20130405-IMG_0772 20130405-IMG_0773 20130405-IMG_0774 20130405-IMG_0775 20130405-IMG_0777 20130405-IMG_0782 20130405-IMG_0785 20130411-IMG_0786 20130411-IMG_0788 20130411-IMG_0789 20130411-IMG_0790 20130411-IMG_0791 20130411-IMG_0792 20130411-IMG_0793 20130411-IMG_0795 20130411-IMG_0796 20130413-IMG_0797 20130413-IMG_0798

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