Finding the right one

I remember the first time i drove a motorcycle. It was red, it had a sidecar and a strange boxer engine that made a very relaxing sound. The old guy that owned it told me the motorcycle was unique in the world, thaw i did not understand what he meant at that time.

That was a long time ago and ever since i managed to get my “A” driver’s license i hoped i would be able to find that old motorcycle. It turned out to be a hard task, as the man died some time ago, and his relatives had no idea what happened to that motorcycle or what modell it was. Guessing from the descriptions i got (German, light, made in 1940 – 1960) and the fact that i remember it was a boxer i figured it has to be a BMW (R50?) or a MZ BK 350. A couple of days later i got a call from this guy’s relatives and i was lucky enough to get a photo of the front part of the motorcycle. It was a MZ BK 350.

From here starts the search for a motorcycle or this modell that i could restore in my free time. Not an easy task it seems, as all the ones i found had a huge unexplained price tag or no documents. After a couple of weeks of searching on 8/5/2012 i talked to someone that had in possession my future toy (or at least parts of it).


dan_ifa2 dan_ifa1

*the rear wheel is covered in a thick metal jacket and i think the weeks weighs about 25-30kg. Probably destroyed that rear drive if it was used for a long time (and it was).

A couple of small modifications to the frame, no front fork, handlebars, or controls, incomplete engine that at least turned, gearbox that made very unhealthy sounds, slightly modified fenders, bad crankshaft, cracked cylinder heads, and gas tank that wasn’t in a very bright state either. Overall a good starting project for what is going to take all of my free time for a long period of time.

I decided to make this log while i was restoring to motorcycle, basically to remember the “fun” i had while working on it. This is not intended to help anyone restoring a motorcycle and it probably won’t.