Front forks

Found some free time and tried to clean the front fork. I say tried as it did not go as easy as it should. I managed to brake a fixed wrench and in the end i used pipe wrenches to crank that baby open.

IMG_0348 IMG_0362

IMG_0361 IMG_0350

I left everything to sock inĀ soak in diesel fuel and that used Feruginol to kill some of the rust.

Still had some free time (23 August 2012) so i also cleaned the carbs. They turned out to be in good shape, so i ordered a carb repair kit from ebay and left them to drye.


Just a quick note, i don’t know really know what i’m doing here. I fixed up an IJ56 some time ago, but it mostly had electrical problems and bad bearing.

AroundĀ this time i spent a week trying to patch up one of the gas tanks only to tail miserably :)


later edit: