A new hope :)

Finally i got the parts back from the paint shop. Not a very brilliant paint job, all sorts of impurities in the lacquer. Will try to do a polish/wax in a couple of weeks and see if that solves it, and if not, repaint. Despite that i’ll go ahead and reassemble the motorcycle, might not be the best paint job ever, however the painter did a good job on the stripes and it looks great if you don’t notice (like i do) all the imperfections.

IMG_5960 IMG_5963

I managed to get the engine inside the frame without a lot of scratches, however i did remember i still have to build the driver pegs, the frame that supports the choke flap and buy or restore the passenger pegs.

IMG_5967 IMG_5966

I might of put a little bit too much grease on the back springs.

IMG_5970 IMG_5968

The rear suspension looks ok, and i managed to install it without scratching any of the chrome or paint!

IMG_5974 IMG_5973

Rear fender dose not align ok on the wheel. It’s from the fender support for the back part. I will have to take it out and bend it a little before i put the back sit on.