Let there be light

20/21 October 2012

So, we have lights and spark. Ebay cables needed some modifications, they are missing the neutral light wire, but it’s not really difficult to insert another one. They also did not have any sidecar connection wiring.

By this time i also cleaned the cardan and rear wheel drive. Also, i chromed a lot of the parts. I don’t know whey but i don’t have any photos with them on the operating table. Turned out i have the solo rear drive so i need to replace the cardan gear to team in order to use the sidecar for long drives.

IMG_0436 IMG_0440

Almost there my ass

2 Octomber 2012

New Powerdynamo 12v system just arrived. It’s easy to install and use however it’s very delicate so be careful with the coil.

IMG_0419 IMG_0422

First attempt to start the engine was a success. I had to turn it off really fast and install the exhaust or my eardrums would have been toast.


Wish i could say everything was ok, i have a lot of things to adjust on it, especially the carburators, and at the moment i had no idea how to do it. Time for the google translate vs german forum instructions, round 1. I am however rather happy at the moment that i managed to start the engine and nothing blew up.