Front forks

Found some free time and tried to clean the front fork. I say tried as it did not go as easy as it should. I managed to brake a fixed wrench and in the end i used pipe wrenches to crank that baby open.

IMG_0348 IMG_0362

IMG_0361 IMG_0350

I left everything to sock in soak in diesel fuel and that used Feruginol to kill some of the rust.

Still had some free time (23 August 2012) so i also cleaned the carbs. They turned out to be in good shape, so i ordered a carb repair kit from ebay and left them to drye.


Just a quick note, i don’t know really know what i’m doing here. I fixed up an IJ56 some time ago, but it mostly had electrical problems and bad bearing.

Around this time i spent a week trying to patch up one of the gas tanks only to tail miserably :)


later edit:




Not a lot going on until this point. I found something that looks like a Stoye 2, and without really thinking i bought it ( 14 august 2012 ).

It is a strange mix from a Stoye 1 frame, a Stoye 2 replica aluminium body, a ugly ass Stoye Superelastik fender patched up in a bad way, and some unknown ugly lights.


I don’t really fit in it, and my girlfriend dislikes it, however fuck it, i have a sidecar!


One + One

Free time was scarce however at least i managed to find some of the obvious missing parts without opening the engine or gearbox at second hand parts stores in Germany. Also managed to find another incomplete motorcycle in Romania, that had no documents, so it was good for spare parts at the moment.

I found some more cylinder heads in better condition, another gearbox, more cylinders, a front fork, more fenders, another frame, another engine block, another tank in a even worst condition, and some more small parts.

IMG_0332 IMG_0339

IMG_0338 IMG_0336

IMG_0334 IMG_0333

Overall i was almost satisfied with the parts i had, so all i needed was time to start a pre-assembly. I was still missing everything electric (had some parts that did not seem to be from a BK), a sidecar, fork stabiliser, good seats, some springs, and the other parts i still did not know about from inside the engine/gearbox/transm.

My garage had no storage shelves at the moment so it started to be a little chaotic in there with two BKs and my Yamaha cruiser.

Finding the right one

I remember the first time i drove a motorcycle. It was red, it had a sidecar and a strange boxer engine that made a very relaxing sound. The old guy that owned it told me the motorcycle was unique in the world, thaw i did not understand what he meant at that time.

That was a long time ago and ever since i managed to get my “A” driver’s license i hoped i would be able to find that old motorcycle. It turned out to be a hard task, as the man died some time ago, and his relatives had no idea what happened to that motorcycle or what modell it was. Guessing from the descriptions i got (German, light, made in 1940 – 1960) and the fact that i remember it was a boxer i figured it has to be a BMW (R50?) or a MZ BK 350. A couple of days later i got a call from this guy’s relatives and i was lucky enough to get a photo of the front part of the motorcycle. It was a MZ BK 350.

From here starts the search for a motorcycle or this modell that i could restore in my free time. Not an easy task it seems, as all the ones i found had a huge unexplained price tag or no documents. After a couple of weeks of searching on 8/5/2012 i talked to someone that had in possession my future toy (or at least parts of it).


dan_ifa2 dan_ifa1

*the rear wheel is covered in a thick metal jacket and i think the weeks weighs about 25-30kg. Probably destroyed that rear drive if it was used for a long time (and it was).

A couple of small modifications to the frame, no front fork, handlebars, or controls, incomplete engine that at least turned, gearbox that made very unhealthy sounds, slightly modified fenders, bad crankshaft, cracked cylinder heads, and gas tank that wasn’t in a very bright state either. Overall a good starting project for what is going to take all of my free time for a long period of time.

I decided to make this log while i was restoring to motorcycle, basically to remember the “fun” i had while working on it. This is not intended to help anyone restoring a motorcycle and it probably won’t.