Sun Plaza Expo 2014

Yesterday night two of my motorcycles (Zundapp K500 and MZ BK 350) got home form an expo in a local mall here in Bucharest. They have been on display for about three weeks next to some other interesting motorcycles.


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The images are taken from here:[pp_53786864ae9ee]/6/ Copyright belongs to them!

Engine gearbox and timing


I changed the oil filter with a modern one, installed the engine and gearbox on the frame, set up the engine timing with a new distribution kit, and discovered a HUGE crack in the gearbox body. I don’t know why i did not notice that when i installed the parts in the gearbox, but it is very big and a lot of oil drips from there. I had to weld it so i could continue.

20130601-IMG_0964 20130601-IMG_0965 20130602-IMG_0967 20130603-IMG_0968 20130606-IMG_0971 20130608-IMG_0977 20130608-IMG_0978 20130608-IMG_0979 20130608-IMG_0980 20130608-IMG_0981 20130608-IMG_0982 20130608-IMG_0983